My Resume Redo

chris-h-resume (Redo)

Here is the hopefully better version of my resume for the Gymnastics coach/teaching position.

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Cover Letter and Resume – Chris Huntington

Cover Letter Chris Huntington

Chris H. Resume

“My Gym” is looking for teachers and coaches to teach kids basic exercises and sports. My current position for work is a coaching position for Gymnastics and Cheer Tumble. My resume should be what they are looking for when it comes to experience with kids.

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Poster monarch way


Bold print of the show or event. The time, location and showings surrounding the poster

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Hours of operation


Bold/large print informs individuals of hours, small print holds detailed information

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Information Diet

I would have to say that Friday of last week was my information diet. Friday was the day I had to move out of my apartment so I got up at 6am that morning, went through the routine of brushing my teeth, taking a shower, etc. As I was cleaning remaining dishes in the sink I notice just the noise of running water and listening to the friction of the sponge scrubbing soap on the plate I was holding. When it came to the moving aspect of the day I caught myself passing the time with counting basically, simply for entertainment. Moving box after box eventually got tiring so as I would walk towards my car with the heavy items, I made it a game to see how long it would take me to make it to the car with having to put whatever I was holding down. With moving things into the new apartment, I would play a favorite song or two in my head to pass the time. When the day came to a close, I found myself pretty bored and with nothing to do but to think about current events such as what I just did with moving and what I did a day or two ago.

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How do I know what I know?

1) We understand the information we know by repetition, practicing the same motions over and over physically and mentally.
2) My source(s) of knowledge comes from the computer with search engines and social networks such as StumbleUpon, Google, Facebook. They also come from the television; Fox News, Comedy Central, Adult Swim. And from word of mouth; friends, relatives, gossip.
3) I do not choose to acquire information; to me information is like a fly, it is spoken, written, and flies through the air until it reaches us. The Bug zapper.
4) It does matter in some cases how I receive information, for example I once attempted to take Biology at a community college and the instructor of the class was a major in Mathematics.
5) Time, trial and error is what will help shape your wisdom so it is hard to say when you have become wise to something. I can’t say that I am wise, maybe getting “wiser,” but if you think about the world we live in, perfection is impossible. Time is what keeps us from reaching that point of becoming wise.

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What I know now.

A) What are your reflections on yesterday?
Well, I learned that anybody on the internet can read whatever I post on this site. I also didn’t know that blogs were originally used for sporting chats.

B) Reflect on descision that you’ve made.
I was at Food Lion yesterday, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to spoil my taste buds with Samoa cookies or destroy myself with a dozen glazed doughnuts. My only issue was that I wanted both, but could only choose one. I decided to go with the cheaper of the two which was the delicious Samoa cookies, saving me almost a dollar.

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Liquid Fuel Rocket

I had no idea what to write down for a title so I looked around, saw a poster and typed the first thing I read.

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